Sika - Your Strategic Partner for Innovative Fast-curing Bonding Solutions

SikaBooster® adhesive technology speeds the curing of single-component PUR and STP Sikaflex® adhesives. They are thus reducing handling time in industrial manufacturing.
SikaBooster® is used since the mid 1990ies all over the world by vehicle manufacturers, and industrial component producers. In 2015 Sika introduced the PowerCure dispensing system for small unit use without need into bulk dispensing equipment. This flexible and cost-effective option enabled more companies to benefit from uniquely fast curing elastic adhesives.


Sika’s global team and local technical service provide expertise for improving bonding processes in industrial manufacturing. SikaBooster®, designed for application from bulk packaging, and Sika’ PowerCure solution have proven its unique performance characteristics and are in use by many automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and producers of industrial goods.


SikaBooster® Adhesive Technology Key Benefits:

  • Moisture curing adhesives – regardless of climate
  • Quick strength development for early fixation
  • Complete and fast curing of large adhesive joints
Application of PowerCure polyurethane glue in railway production for additional flexibility
"SikaBooster® has been widely used in our production of trains as it ensures fast and complete curing of the adhesive regardless of the joint dimensions. Since Sika launched the PowerCure system, our staff has started to use the more flexible PowerCure system in areas that are difficult to reach like windows of the upper compartment. Sika’s Booster concept providing the same final performance of the adhesive, regardless if its moisture cured, cured by SikaBooster® or the PowerCure system, has provided us with a very flexible and efficient solution."

Increased Production Output

Adhesives compatible with SikaBooster® and PowerCure technology offer a unique strength development profile. Quickly reaching handling strength allows the removal of fixtures soon after installation. Vehicles may be moved to the next workstation quicker, or assembly steps following may be done earlier.


Flexibility in Production Process

Adhesives compatible with SikaBooster® and PowerCure technology allow critical assembly steps to take place at a later time on the production process. Installing the glass only when the vehicles are almost finished, gives better access to mount interior components to buses or trains.

Fast Vehicle Turnaround in Aftermarket Repair

PowerCure adhesives have become the synonym for fast-curing adhesives for windshield and glass replacement. With SikaBooster® Adhesive Technology the windshield sealant cures much faster which allows significantly reduced waiting time, especially for commercial vehicles.

"PowerCure Adhesive Technologies allowed us to provide unique services for auto glass replacement. The fast full cure provides peace of mind when it’s about calibration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Heavy windshields on commercial vehicles have never been replaced quicker than with Sika’ PowerCure adhesives. The minimal vehicle downtime is a big benefit for our customers."

Sika’s unique PowerCure Dispensing and Packaging Solution

Listening to our customers and understanding the challenges in industrial production led us to develop the cordless PowerCure adhesive dispenser and packaging system. PowerCure provides access to SikaBooster® technology at a significantly lower investment. It is enabling more Sika customers benefiting from fast curing technology. The cordless PowerCure dispenser is the most convenient way to apply SikaBooster®.

Key Benefits of Sika’s PowerCure Dispensing System:

  • Accelerated, fast curing adhesives without pump investment
  • Straightforward handling and rapid replacement of sausage
  • Minimal packaging waste due to a collapsible cartridge
  • Flexible processing in production - cordless power tool
PowerCure Adhesive Dispenser

Single motor design:

The battery-operated PowerCure Dispenser provides the precision of the pump and dosing systems found on vehicle manufacturers’ production lines. The use of a brushless motor mechanically couples extrusion, dosing, and dynamic mixing. Allowing users to control the flow rate on the go and without compromise.

Empty PowerCure packaging with very little packaging waste


Collapsible sausage, based on the standard of single-component adhesives. It is designed for high viscosity materials, to keep waste to a minimum and to allow for simple mounting and replacement of a unit. A small plastic cartridge contains a water-based hardener.

dynamic mixer for the PowerCure application system

Dynamic and efficient:

The mixer was designed to fit into the size of an ordinary application nozzle. The specially shaped v-cut supports the application of the adhesive at a convenient angle to the glass and cuts material consumption by up to 8%.